Catering   We offer catering from 5 to 150 people.  Our professionally presented
catered food is prepared the day of the party to assure its flavor and freshness.  Our full
catering services include servers, bartenders, rentals and entertainment.  Catered
events are scheduled by appointment.  Our motto is to "Make the host/hostess feel like a
guest at their own party".

Special Orders   For those customers who have guests and do not want to cook or
go out to dinner, we offer "dinners en masse" (special orders) in a returnable Corning
casserole dishes.  Some of our customers like to let their guests think they were cooking
all day and bring their own collection of dishes for us to fill and garnish.  Additionally, you
may place a special order  just for a vegetable or an entree to fill out your own menu.  
Just give us sufficient notice to prepare your order and it will be ready for you when you
need it.
The American Gourmet
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